Grow your own? Each onion will probably cost a fortune!

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We always manage to squeeze some vegetables into the garden but we still love our allotment, even if we can see that, due to it’s size and the way we set it up,  every onion is going to cost us a fortune!

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After all there was the initial outlay, in our case breathable plastic for the paths, the bark to keep the weeds at bay, the compost top-ups, the rent, the seeds, plants, fertiliser, pest remedies when essential, the journey to and fro.

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Not that we are complaining, we love it all, including the pond that we left in place when we were allocated the plot. Now the newts are back and we even have some sparkling dragon flies – the netting is to stop the greedy crows fishing for the livestock.

1-DSC09592          1-DSC09609             1-DSC09593

We also took some space up with a shed but that is a real bonus as it provides somewhere for the tools, the kettle and of course some chairs. I had dreams of sitting in the sun writing poetry, but so far there is just too much to do, all the weeding and  watering for instance and counting the cost of an onion!


But there is usually something to take home to eat, a few leeks, the odd artichoke, chard, rhubarb etc. Later there should be onions, garlic, raspberries, strawberries and beans, even if they have probably cost a fortune!

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4 Responses to Grow your own? Each onion will probably cost a fortune!

  1. Producing a feast fit for kings plus newts! And never mind the weeding, not enough sun to sit out scribbling sonnets…

    • ann perrin says:

      so true and Alan has relented and got us a man with a heavy duty strimmer to tidy round the newts pond once in a while. Lucky themX

  2. TheBigForest says:

    Love the pond. We have always wanted an allotment – maybe when I retire?

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