Charlie Chaplin in Lambeth and one thing leads to another!

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Mosaics spotted in Lambeth on one of my trips from Brighton to London to the Poetry school. This led me to trying to find out what his connection was to Lambeth.

A few days in bed with yet another virus provided the time and, thanks to Google, the answer. I discovered Charles Chaplin junior was familiar with Lambeth because he spent much of his youth there, including time on his own in the Lambeth Workhouse and later with his mother and brother. He never forgot those pitiless days! He and his brother also had to fend for themselves when his father died and his mother, a singer, was dreadfully ill.

As interesting is  –

The link above it to a cinema museum on the Lambeth Workhouse site, seems like a visit will be on the cards. It was obviously a considerable achievement to get this ‘show on the road’. I love it when people are so committed to projects that they actually come to fruition.  However I was wondering recently how long such things will survive. I’m not sure my grandchildren, in their late teens, have any idea who Charlie Chaplin was!   Strange too, that my mother had memories of visiting workhouses it doesn’t seem so very long ago.

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