Hoping for mackerel but end up with an eel!

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Paul (younger son) and I go fishing from time to time.  He is a dab hand at casting while I feel quite queasy about it, when I fling my line over the side of the wall, I’m sure the force of the line will carry me over the side and into the water too!

This week however, I am determined to use  ‘mind over matter’ and with a few more demos from Paul, finally get quite good at it. I am intent on mackerel while Paul has all the gear and the bait for Sea Bass!

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No fish in the sea! Well not where we were. High tide too so conditions perfect!

The man who collects fishing fees had assured us someone had caught two big bass earlier in the evening but no one caught anything for over two hours!

We have lug worms from the tackle shop on the Marina and should have had mealy worms too but he ran out. Eventually the man next to us catches a big eel. He is really shocked and has no idea how to deal with it or how cook it!

Pics – lug worm, fellow fisherman and the eel!

1-DSC09804   1-DSC09793   1-DSC09808

The eel has swallowed the hook so he can’t be put back in the sea, Paul quickly offers puts it out of it’s misery.  The man is really pleased and gives Paul the eel.  Paul cooks it later with a sauce for pasta, a bit fatty he reports, but edible.

Fishing is a bit gruesome at times but so is everything unless one is vegetarian!

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The weather is lovely and the sun on the sea wonderful.

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