Easy and effortless artichokes


I love artichokes, so easy to grow from seed, with lovely foliage that lasts until the very worst of the frosts, then in  the Spring they leap up again.  We grow them in the garden and on the allotment.


So simple to prepare. Boil for about seven minutes, carefully make sure one of leaves can be separated from the globe easily to ensure cooked through. When cool peel  off all the leaves,  the bottom part of each one is edible. Find the soft base, remove the prickly part of it with a knife and chop the flat circular part into pieces, this is called the heart.

If one is to be shared everyone should get a few leaves and a piece of heart.

Provide an oil and vinegar dressing, so that each leaf can be dipped into the dressing and the soft part scraped off with the bottom teeth.

This may be an acquired taste but I love them.

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