What is it about men and steam trains?

1-DSC00133Not that I’m knocking them, the trains I mean, spent my adolescence and early twenties travelling on them from theatre to theatre, but was never really in awe of the engines.1-DSC00135 Just a means of getting me and my marionettes from a to b.

1-DSC00143 1-DSC00139 1-DSC00144

But somehow the hottest day of the year has us taking our ‘Bluebell Railway’ supporters tickets to Sheffield Park for a ride to East Grinstead.

1-DSC00163Alan loves trains and once signed up to be a volunteer, but with no engineering skills, ended up painting  carriages all day on his own. Not quite the cameraderie he had hoped for in his retirement. Guess it’s the old railwaymen that have a really good time, they never really retire!

1-DSC00137Well it’s a nice breezy afternoon’s ride with the windows open.

1-DSC001641-DSC00142 1-DSC00146 1-DSC00147

There is  lovely cafe that is a converted carriage on the station at East Grinstead and the option of taking a bus up to the old part of the town.

1-DSC00177  1-DSC00170 1-DSC00175  1-DSC00176

Here you can have a good ‘walk about’ for an hour think about buying a house built in 1460 if you are a millionaire,(there is one for sale) browse in a really good book shop etc. Sadly the rest of East Grinstead has the same old shops as anywhere else.

Make sure you check the bus timetable and take the Metro bus, the driver was not too helpful on the alternative route past the station.

Back on the train to Sheffield Park to collect your car from the ample car park. Whew! Back to the beach tomorrow.

                       1-DSC00180                             1-DSC00183

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