No quick way to heaven, no angels, just the harp

Andrew Ballantyne has the patience of a saint. He must have, to teach me anything!


It was when I heard Andrew play at a local concert on his amazing golden harp that I was hooked!

DSC04150-001        Harp detail       Andrew's golden harp      DSC04152

Not content to listen I wanted to learn to play the harp. Would he, I asked, be prepared to teach someone who could not read music and had never touched a harp?

To my surprise he did not run a mile but suggested I try one of his harps (not the golden one obviously) to see if I really did want to do it.

              not sure where we were up to...  1-DSC00237-001  1-DSC00245

Well many moons later I’ve acquired a small harp with Andrew’s help, had regular lessons and, to my amazement, we counted 17 pieces that I have learned and at least attempted to play.


I managed to play rather tentatively ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ last weekend to one of my sons, he was very impressed. But please don’t invite ‘my harp to the party’ it will refuse to play, I am still very slow and currently it really is just for fun.

Andrew of course plays professionally, concerts at the Pavilion, weddings etc. Apparently he and his harp nearly got blown off the bandstand in Hove last weekend! Wonderful harpist and teacher as I said, and the patience of a saint!

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2 Responses to No quick way to heaven, no angels, just the harp

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Impressed! Love harp music too…

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