3. The re-birth of the beach hut


The third post about the beach hut today was supposed to be a poem but simple has not made it. But these notes tell the end of the story for the moment until the muse arrives.

The old beach hut sadly a pile of rubble, but now Scott and his team are busy putting up a new one. Scott Jardine  is an experienced hutter and makes them to order.

 02-DSCF0408               1-DSCF0404              1-DSCF0383

Wow it’s a  winner!  It’s not just the detailed specification, it’s the design, it’s built on slabs and has vents front and back, so it won’t rot like the last one.

                 1-DSCF0389     It’s all the little extras like the  1-DSCF0392-001shelves inside and three locks on the doors. He also uses heavy timber, so hopefully that will also put paid to someone breaking in and setting up home.

And what do you know, he even cut out the mural that the kids painted in the previous hut 13 years ago, so we can screw it into the back of the new one!15-DSC00342

No I won’t have cupboards and things, this one has exhausted my piggy bank anyway, we’ll settle for the old chairs a table and some tea things.  I’ll be writing my poems again, maybe display a few puppets from time to time  Alan and I will read and sleep and dream…hopefully!

Well that’s when we are not busy on the allotment   ….

              1-DSCF0432     anything seem familiar?      1-DSCF0431

            Well done Scotty, you can beam up again lad!              2-DSCF0490


The last of the beach hut trilogy.  See yesterday  ‘The end of the beach hut’  https://annperrin.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/2-the-end-of-the-beach-hut/– and  the  day before ‘Smiley House’ – verse   https://annperrin.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/the-beach-hut-trilogy-1-smiley-house/  perhaps I should have called it a saga in three parts!

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