Gone fishing…off the Marina

   18-DSCF0482 1-DSCF0478  12-DSCF0466 09-DSCF0456      06-DSCF0449 07-DSCF0451 04-DSCF0444 03-DSCF0442  1-DSCF0439Hoping for sea bass but settled for mackerel08-DSCF0454

1-DSCF04451-DSCF0487-001  15-DSCF0472

and popped them  into our  freezer bag before the seagulls got them!

01-DSCF0438 10-DSCF0460 1-DSCF0457t

We were lucky today Paul and I have been fishing several times and caught nothing!

Nicky lake fishing  a few years back –

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