Back to the drawing board – ‘Oh What a Lovely War’

1-DSCF0591  With some new interest in our marionettes Paul and I found ourselves getting one or two out of storage and tidying them up.We even had to beg a friend with a horse for a bit hair from his tail! Apparently soldiers in The Great War on the French side had a few strands of horses mane (or maybe  tail) on their helmets – on our soldiers it’s missing.1-DSCF0575 1-DSCF0579

Borrowed  the following page from my

From the 60’s

The making of the puppets took several months and they were all loaned for the filming. In cases like this we were always careful to keep the rights to our characters.

owglove.jpg - 4565 Bytes

Sewing Gloves
owmedal.jpg - 2773 Bytes

Medal Detail
owhelmet.jpg - 3957 Bytes

Painting Helmets

owgeneral1.jpg - 3642 BytesThis was the last time that the whole family worked together on a project. We were all involved in the shooting of the film on Brighton’s West Pier and Richard Attenborough directed the marionettes as though they were real actors.

owcarousel.jpg - 18723 Bytes owbugle.jpg - 3426 Bytes
owhorseman.jpg - 3597 Bytes
owset1.jpg - 5712 Bytes owset3.jpg - 4253 Bytes owset2.jpg - 6309 Bytes

I took the photo on the right with a polaroid I vaguely remember!

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