Hove Lagoon every which way.

1-DSCF0669 1-DSCF0668 1-DSCF0667 1-DSCF0678 1-DSCF0690 1-DSCF0664 1-DSCF0665 1-DSCF0677 1-DSCF0675 1-DSCF0687 1-DSCF0671 1-DSCF0666 1-DSCF0696 1-DSCF0659 1-DSCF0661 1-DSCF0680 1-DSCF0698-005 1-DSCF0693 1-DSCF0681-001 1-DSCF0700 1-DSCF0674 1-DSCF0704-001 1-DSCF0692 Copy of 1-DSCF0679

A slice of life at Hove Lagoon taken in fifteen minutes at teatime today.

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