Could Fatboy Slim create some magic with Saltdean Lido?

 If I still had young grandchildren I would be furious that the Lido has been closed all summer, again!

Admittedly the beach has been brilliant in the last few weeks, and the White Cliffs. cafe is always great for morning coffee and tasty lunch time tapas! (below)

1-DSC00184 1-DSC00186 1-DSC00180 1-DSC00183

But compare the  deserted Lido    now left to the seagulls, with the family friendly facilities at Hove Lagoon (below)

 Copy of 1-DSCF0768 Copy of 1-DSCF0779 Copy of 1-DSCF0772 Copy of 1-DSCF0769

Admittedly Hove Lagoon has more space for water sport activities and  Saltdean’s park is smaller, but it’s got a play facilities and skateboarding it’s just a functioning Lido that it lacks.

But then Hove Lagoon also has Fatboy Slim’s extremely popular and fast moving cafe

               Copy of 1-DSCF0780         1-DSCF0756         with keen young staff

Copy of 1-DSCF0765  Copy of 1-DSCF0774    1-DSCF0745       and the best

french fries and ice cream in Brighton!  1-DSCF0759 Copy of 1-DSCF0776

Maybe Saltdean needs the magic and money of a millionaire like Fatboy Slim.     He would hasten things along a bit, no doubt making the Lido facilities a bit more commercial, but better than what is currently just a ‘white elephant’!

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