Memories of Hylda Baker – 60s star of Variety.

1-DSC00122 1-DSC00121

I came across ‘Radio Fun’ in the Kemptown Trading post last week which brought back some fond memories although the the book was probably published before my time.

Who can still remember Hyda Baker with her stooge Cynthia, always a man dressed in drag? Not many I guess!  She had several different ‘Cynthia’s during her career and her most popular catch phrases were ‘She knows you know’ and ‘Be Soon’.

Hylda Baker was born near Bolton and  lived in Blackpool for many years. Her type of humour  was particularly popular in the north. However she also moved into television with supporting roles and finally her own sitcom ‘The Best of Friends’.

When I knew Hylda Baker  touring with her with my marionette act in Variety in the late 50s, she was top of the bill,  living the life of a ‘star’ with fur coats, admirers and parties.

She always had a free crate of Guinness delivered the stage door on a Monday.   I was young and pretty naive at the time but a reference to the drink always crept into her act each night. Now of course it all makes sense!

Huge boxes of chocolates at the Stage Door and fan letters even for the likes of me have just popped into my mind – think the memoir may yet happen!

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