Thinking about Seamus Heaney who died today.


How fortunate  I heard him read last year at Poetry Parnassus at the South Bank.

Seamus Heaney  a treat that will last me the rest of my lifetime. Of course the audience were all waiting for him to read  ‘Diggin’ and how spell binding it all was when he did!

I blogged the whole event at the time and didn’t give as much attention as I might have done to Seamus Heaney, but in my defence that had three poet laureates reading their work that night.  More than anything I love to hear poets reading their own work.

Since that occasion two people I have come to know, both with a fondness of all things poetic, Ryan from one of John McCullough’s courses and Simon, a good neighbour, have given me copies of books of poems by  Seamus Heaney from their own collections  ‘Death of a Naturalist’  ‘Field Work’ and ‘Station Island’.   There is something special about people giving you a valued item.

Today, of course, I brought them down from the shelf to read again. The death of Seamus Heaney seems like losing a friend although I only came to his work in later years and heard him read in person just that once

Previous blog on the event.


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