Life is a cabaret, 16,976 views and it’s my birthday.

Can Can         violin        ostich with egg btp         Dry bones, dry bones our most popular cabaret act

Cabaret – As a young woman when I was on tour Gran would leave Grandpa and travel the country to be with me on the my birthday.  Much later I discovered it was the day of my grandparents’ wedding anniversary but neither of them had ever mentioned it.DSC08209

Views on blog – 16,976 seems like a bit of an  achievement to me, even if it has taken 3 years to accumulate that many! Of course some people may have put in a search and my post was not what they were looking for, but that is the luck of the draw.

Birthdays – I don’t really remember much about my childhood birthdays, except that despite it being post-war Gran and Grandpa always found a doll from somewhere. We lived with my grandparents and  I adored them. Photo of my grandparents was taken at the time of The Great War.

Mr and Mrs R.W. Parkin my gran and grandpa with son RichardHaving one’s own children means birthdays acknowledge time passing, remembering friends, parties, presents and even trips to Brighton before I lived here. Then it all happened again with the grandchildren, so really I am very lucky to have helped to blow out so many candles.

Today I am going on a wildlife walk with people from the Onca Gallery and the Wild Life Trust The cake and champagne will come later.

1-DSC00115-001 More on blogging and Brighton – This blog started as a means of  ‘Finding my feet in Brighton’ and coping with the culture shock of moving to the coast from London later in life. It ‘grew like Topsy’ but maybe at last I have indeed found my feet!


Benefits of blogging –  I continue to write on a regular basis that’s a bonus for a redundant writer. It has also kept my marionettes on the agenda and now I have three organisations who want to display them. It is somewhere to publish some of my new poems. This is my latest new poem.

Followers – Thank you to those who do – but I’m surprised I have any, my blog is eclectic and dances about all over the place so if you want anything in particular on a regular basis like short stories, or posts about a year travelling up a mountain without a sleeping bag, you won’t find it here!

Likes and Comments – I sometimes get as many as  10 likes, but some people tell me they read me regularly but don’t press like because they read the posts on their phones and it’s too fiddly to respond. But I check my stats weekly and they are encouraging. Comments are  almost always complementary and come from all over the world, I love that.

Popular posts – Blocks of photographs of Brighton, London, France, my garden, the allotment or  local events. Articles are often popular too but one never knows what is likely to attract a high readership, it can be surprising. At the end of the day I write to please myself. (pics selected at random from past posts)

08-DSC09458 04-DSC09470 1-DSC09108 Sunset near the campsite   Absolute classic - copyright - if you want to use professionally please contact me 1-DSC05713-001  4-DSC07021 1-DSC08200 1-DSC00034-001 08-DSCF0454

More personal posts – One of my favourites was  the photo posts  ‘Dismantling the Print Shop’, those blocks are wonderful, works of art in themselves. Goodness knows why I kept an Adana printing machine, blocks and pile of type for so many years, but I did and at least in this internet age I can share them.

Writing as a show case – I loved writing a post about Charles Chilton a few weeks ago and later I had a request for the whole thing to be included in the Goon Show Preservation Society newsletter, so blogging can be a showcase for ones writing too.

Films from youtube – Sometimes I include my films from my youtube site where they sometimes attract thousands of hits – my favourites are  ‘Virginia Woolf’s Garden’ and our film of ‘Scenes from Alice in Wonderland’.

improved characters

Awards  – It was a wonderful surprise to get an award thanks to recommendation from TheBigForest.

An award    for ‘a blog that brightens our day’!

Would I stop blogging? Not if I can help it. I’m just a compulsive writer and love the buzz of it all.

Perhaps this post will make it to 17,000 views?

‘Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me’

Oh do shut up Ann

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6 Responses to Life is a cabaret, 16,976 views and it’s my birthday.

  1. Tom Cunliffe says:

    Nice to find local blogs. Yours is very interesting and well designed.


  2. jules grant says:

    happy birthday sweetie. am planning to come to poetry workshop on weds if still on? jules x

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Happy Birthday Ann and you celebrated with a fascinating post – thank you!


  4. ann perrin says:

    Thank you for wishes and
    for kind comments


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