These boots really were made for walking

1-DSC00421 1-DSC00439  and talking and all the way from Holland to Istanbul on the feet of Nick Hunt. The installation was created by Alice Cunningham and the boots themselves tell us about their travels. Brilliant – and part of  the ‘Making Tracks’ exhibition at the Onca Gallery until 15th September, a collaboration between the Gallery and Sussex Wild Life Trust.

1-DSC00423 Other gems include a windup music box where one can change the card to hear  different birds on a migration journey.

1-DSC00427 A suitcase Library, as well as a cornucopia of art in several different media by Pete Lily, Pig Ear Press.

Many more noticeable exhibits, don’t miss it!

2-DSC00430 1-DSC00443 1-DSC00476

There are several associated events, I joined the one where a member of Sussex Wildlife Trust took us on a walk to find birds currently residing in Brighton, What a great guy full of knowledge, enthusiasm and humour. We did not see as many birds as he had hoped but we learned much about birds and butterflies that populate the Pavilion Gardens too.

1-DSC00471   1-DSC00470   1-DSC00454

There was an optional guided writing workshop at the end. A well organised  event that consisted of some free writing, then writing a memorable line from an experience on the walk. Alas, we then  had to pass this masterpiece to a partner which clipped my poetry wings a bit!  I was ready to wax lyrical!  But two people new to writing thrived and the organisers came up with some gems!

Well worth seeing what else is on offer before the 15th.

1-DSC00445   1-DSC00452   1-DSC00476

Overall however a lovely diversion for a Sunday afternoon and still time to get involved in story telling and other innovative things before it finishes.

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