Launch of the The Poetry School’s new season

1-DSC00520The launch started with a party at the Tea House Cafe Theatre in Vauxhall last night. Four fellow students and I were in full voice to read our poems. Poems inspired, workshopped or later developed as a result of attending one of  Tim Dooley’s courses at The Poetry School.

After some cheerful chit chat about the summer, mics were tested and sometime later we launched our 35 minute slot, ably compered by fellow student Tessa Lang Schneider, 1-DSC00515-001who had organised our part of the evening.

Two of my poems had been around for a while but a mini mentoring session with Tim, on his course prompted minor changes. The third one started it’s life in his class where we had been introduced to a range of poets and endeavoured to write a new poem every week!

Fellow students rose to occasion at the Cafe too reading brilliant poems on all manner of subjects including love, childhood toys, a poem in translation and even one about George Osbourne.

1-DSC00519   1-DSC00526   1-DSC00517  1-DSC00534

The second half had James Brookes and Hannah Lowe strutting their stuff as two tutors new to The Poetry School who will be teaching there in the very near future. Tim Dooley and his wife were in the audience to cheer his students on and there was quite a good turn-out.

I thought the Poetry School might have treated us to a giant pot of party tea or something, but nevertheless  an enjoyable evening.

1-DSC00521    1-DSC00532    1-DSC00524

There will be pics on The Poetry School  website when they get time to download and it’s time to enrol right now!

I won’t be going myself for a bit, what with buses and trains  particularly in the winter,  and the additional cost of travelling, it makes it all a  bit of marathon from Brighton. But good luck to fellow poets who carry on!

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