After Paris – down to earth with a bump!

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You know all those growing mags with pictures of harvests and wheelbarrows full of marrows, squashes, piles of apples and pears, raspberries, beans and things, together with articles about how to store and make all manner of weird and wonderful chutney?

Well we are not quite in the same league, our harvest amounted to one black bag with 2 sweetcorns, 9 potatoes that seem to have grown from some left over from last Christmas, a few apples from a tree we inherited, a couple of garlics that have now dried out in the shed and some huge unripe tomatoes that fell off the plant someone gave us!  Ummm where did we go wrong?

But what with the new raised beds and things, we have big plans for a greedier next year!

It’s been down to earth with a bump for the last few days after Paris, exhausted really. Never mind the allotment, notice how one’s emails pile up,  the garden seems even more overgrown and now I’ve got another request for an interview about the ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ marionettes, when I am only half way through their conservation.

Too much blogging I guess and even my new poetry drafts have had to be ‘put on hold’ once again.

Back to the drawing board!

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2 Responses to After Paris – down to earth with a bump!

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Green tomato chutney might do the trick – depends how many unripe toms you have!

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