Don’t let the Autumn get you down!



Autumn is not my favourite time. O.K it’s lovely to see the colours, to be grateful for any kind of harvest especially as I can still pick a handful of raspberries in the garden most mornings.

But then there’s the sea fret that threatens to cover the whole of humanity so often, making our windows look like they are permanently draped with thick net curtains. It’s the rain, the realisation as one gets older that some more of one’s good friends have passed away and that new ones don’t pop out of thin air


1-DSC00962We’ve got a lot of lovely acquaintances down here, mainly because we’ve both joined things. But making new friends without the ‘shared history’ that comes with life events becomes more  difficult as one get older I find.

Must be time to sign on for some good distractions, some creative activities, to be inspired, share  some time with like-minded people!  Where better than a flick through  the programme at Evolution, where I find some more lovely things to do with pen, ink and paints.

I’ve had  Claire Harrison as at tutor before and she is always intent on making sure everyone draws something that they have a real affinity with. So my bits and pieces of autumnal offerings from the garden will certainly come in handy.

1-DSC01095-001 1-DSC01101 1-DSC01097-001 2-DSC01096 1-DSC01097

The tutor sets up a little demo of a particular skill each week and off we go with her individual attention for each one of us as we go along.  One student brought in her twins’ toy teddies to draw, another is set on trying some modern art from postcards, a third made some peacock feathers look really dramatic.

Affordable classes and fun, so why not check out their brochure on line. They have some  ‘one off’  Christmas workshops too and although I queried the cost, (they are a lot more than the price of the Summer ones) I am told they are a bit longer and include all the materials, so fair enough.

Seeing that one is run by the talented Tara Dakini I could be tempted.

O.K so I am lucky to be so near such a fantastic resource, but if you’re not, how about getting the knitting needles out, make a winter scarf,  dig out that tapistry that never got finished, sew a fine seam!  There are loads and loads of free lessons on youtube on just about everything and and company? Well there is always people watching from a seat by the window in the nearest cafe.

The wind and rain already seem much less threatening and the sun is even peeping through.  We’ve got the Telegoons event tomorrow, and we are  planting early garlic on the allotment on Sunday, so all is well with the world …well for five minutes!!!

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2 Responses to Don’t let the Autumn get you down!

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Someone once said to me that – as you get older – you should alway try to know at least one person who remembered you when you were young. As my Mum gets towards 90 I think that is particularly true as I speak to her as if she was still rushing around doing a highly responsible job and off on long distance hikes rather than an old lady using a walker (which is what folk see now).

    Agree about the shared history…

    • ann perrin says:

      That’s brilliant, I just love it, what a great mum to have too! I have just one elderly relation now, a cousin who is 93 in California, he lived near us in London as a young man before he joined The Fleet Air Arm He writes to me telling many tales, including some about all my dear long dead relations. He emails me ‘Dear Ocotopus’ from Dodie Smith’s story about families. I adore him

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