Max Miller, The Telegoons, Chili powder and life in general

Max Miller – Popped along to a local National Trust Association meeting. I am a member of the National Trust but not this local group. So I go along as a visitor to listen to a talk on Max Miller.

I am shamelessly drawn to the late great man, having been on the same bill as he was in my late teens. In those days I had no idea of the significance of such entertainers, although I remember he stopped to admire my marionettes and took a kindly interest in my performance.   1-DSC01104

Today, however, is the capable hands of past chairman , John Henty of the Max Miller Appreciation Society, who in no way mimics Max but is a very funny man in his own right! We learned that Max Miller enlisted in the Great War and was posted to India. He lived in various address in Brighton all his life and there are plaques in the town outside two of the addresses and of course there is that wonderful statue near the Pavilion.

1-DSC01105Apparently he entertained all through the blitz during the Second World War and we were played a delightful recording of a performance in Lewes in November 1940. This was two months after I was born in London in the middle of an air raid.


It was easy to see how his unique humour, comic timing and mastery of the double entendre made him second to none. He knew how to ‘play an audience’ like only those old great comics could. His songs, both funny and sometimes touching,  enthralled a whole generation.

In the audience at Lewes were a large number of troops, including some from Canada. Goodness how many of them survived but I am sure ‘The Cheeky Chappy’ would have been a terrific morale booster. The Max Miller Association have a great new book out (see pics above) would make a great Christmas present of oldies!

Oh and quite honestly the friendly welcome I got from this group was lovely. I met a couple on the way in who invited me to sit with them, and complete strangers were chatty and welcoming in the tea queue.   I think my partner and I may well join this Association  and I’m looking forward to checking out the Max Miller Appreciation Society on line.

Gave a talk about the  Telegoons at the The Strutton Arms formerly The Grafton Arms, to celebrate their 50 anniversary (This event will get a post of it’s own) But Alan my partner came and we met eldest son Robin up there. We went up early  so we had time to go to Borough Street market.

. 1-DSC01125 1-DSC01124 1-DSC01119 1-DSC01126

The market has been extended and is now absolutely huge! Robin spent ages finding the stall with special chilli powder for Josh (eldest grandson) who apparently has taken to cooking big time in his second year at Uni.

Jamie, the middle grandson, is at Warwick, in his first year. He is pretty keen on cooking too, especially pasta.   My youngest son Paul is a dab hand at sauces, so his education was completed at home with a few cooking lessons, just before he went off to study Math

Nicky the youngest grandson is at now at college but I don’t think cooking is foremost in his mind.  He hopes to go to Uni when he has finished his studies in two years time, no doubt we will get busy in the kitchen prior to that!


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