ARTflow and emotion at The Grange Museum and Art Gallery in Rottingdean

1-DSCF0958An attractive exhibition at The Grange Museum and Art Gallery at the moment. Water colours, mixed media, ceramics, decorative notebooks and diaries. All this from a group of artists calling themselves ARTflow, which has the intention of expressing emotion through art which they do beautifully. Loved the violinist against  a swirl of red and yellow (below)

1-DSCF0950 1-DSCF0948 1-DSCF0949 1-DSCF0959 1-DSCF0952 1-DSCF0947 1-DSCF0956 1-DSCF0957

In the museum too, the delightful Dora Brian exhibition is still in full flow another roller coaster of emotion, with lovely artifacts belonging to her and her family.

1-DSCF0963 1-DSCF0964The permanent rooms devoted to Rudyard Kipling and Burne-Jones are open and novel artifacts elsewhere. I had not noticed these lovely nursery blocks before.


Lovely place to visit and free, although donations are always welcome.

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