A picture is worth a thousand words.

1-DSCF0946  1-DSCF0938  1-DSCF0943

A spider wove a wonderful web beneath the garden table.

1-DSCF0976 1-DSCF0881 1-DSCF0891

The sunrise this morning was almost as mystical as the moon and the sunset last week.

1-DSCF0877  1-DSCF0704-001  1-DSC00139

Men at work – Rottingdean, Hove Promenade, The Bluebell Railway.

 04-DSC09470  DSC09771  1-DSC09401

The nurturing and nesting instinct.

1-DSC00225  DSC05126   The woodpecker in Woodside

High Flyers

1-DSC07758 1-DSC07755 1-DSC07751

Down to earth.

1-DSC09459 09-DSC09464 08-DSC09458

A woodland walk.

DSC07858 DSC07857 DSC07856

Graffiti near the Marina.

1-DSCF0985 1-DSCF0982 1-DSCF0984

Recent sketches done at Evolution

india at 650 1-DSC06812-001 1-DSC08840

Artifacts from here and there.

6-DSC07024 1-DSC07018 3-DSC07020

Birds following the food chain.

DSC07106-001 DSC00300 Brighton lights 

Is that the time?

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2 Responses to A picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. Love your photos – an essay about Brighton (except that one in the left hand corner – how did that creep in?)

    • ann perrin says:

      Now which one was that? Oh the miracle of editing. It was in fact a clock near Stanmer Park but gone and forgotten in the ‘rule of three’.
      But then one of the sketches was my favourite metro in Paris, so Brighton can’t have it all it’s own way x

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