The Long man and Wilmington

1-DSCF1006 Another field study day and off we go to speculate on the reason for the Long man of Wilmington laying on the grassy hillside.

1-DSCF1021Apparently he could be the guardian of the souls buried in the mounds behind him, apparently there is plenty written to support this theory

More fun is the suggestion that it is the place where one giant fell after a massive battle with another one from a neighbouring village.

1-DSCF1032   1-DSCF1037    1-DSCF1036

Equally impressive however is the yew tree in the churchyard, which is so  huge it has to be supported by tree trunks and two parts chained together.


There is speculation about the site of the church and its relevance to the view of the Long man. Notes are duly distributed by our tutor so that we can consider the evidence about a connection in our own time.

We pause to look at the unusual memorial to those who fell in two world wars.

The Church, has a calming atmosphere, with interesting stained glass windows and intriguing artifacts.

1-DSCF1038 1-DSCF1040 1-DSCF1043 1-DSCF1041 1-DSCF1039

Apparently Wilmington is popular with modern day druids for their celebrations and festivals. It is charming old country village with a friendly pub landlord who happily serves us tea


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