The flying trampoline

It must have looked a bit like a spaceship when it was in full flight. I wouldn’t wish such a thing on anyone but I was almost sorry that there were no little green men to chat to next day. 1-DSCF1082

1-DSCF1084 I heard a bus was lifted up in the air and over a ditch and ended up in a field in the big storm on Sunday night, but alas my poor neighbour awoke to find a giant trampoline in her garden. No one was hurt, well it was the middle of the night of course.


This is where it used to be in another neighbour’s garden. (right)

1-DSCF1085  It had flown over 8ft into the air (left) to clear our hedge and trees.  A sorry sight in the morning and now I guess the problem is, just how one gets it back to where it belongs?

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