Bickerstaff Fisheries Newhaven as good if not better than France

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Update  December 2015 – This  branch has just closed and moved to Lewis near the Bridge.but the Fisheries on the Quay at Newhaven are the same people and still there they have their own fishing boats!

Discovered these lovely fisheries a while ago, a hidden treasure  Wow what wonderful fish and just along the coast from Brighton on the A26 (New Road) look on the right side a few yards along and next to Screw fix is Bickerstaff Fisheries.


They take out their own boats and what they don’t know about fish isn’t worth worrying about! I haven’t seen this kind of selection outside the French fish markets. If there aren’t any fresh crabs it means the weather has been too bad for the smaller fishing boats to go out. But more often of not they have them.

1-DSCF1145I am not an experienced fish cook, but even I can grill a lovely local plaice, a  few cuts on either side,  tiny bit of oil, cook few minutes. turn it over and cook the other side a few minutes (depends on the thickness of the fish how long) check white throughout.

My favourite treat is oysters, so have to have two or three of them. If they haven’t got fresh scallops their frozen ones are local too. Fry a bit of bacon in a pan add the scallops, cook for few minutes, add a bit of stock and let simmer for about 5 or six minutes. They have to look white inside so cut one and see if you are doubtful.  Yummy!

Yon’t don’t get fresh fish like it at any supermarket and at such reasonable prices.

My cooking skills are limited but this is my easy peasy moules (mussels) recipe.   A bit of chopped onion and garlic in a large frying pan, fry lightly, add fish stock (preferably real stock from boiling up a fish head but if not a fish stock cube) immediately throw in washed mussels (check for closed ones and beards, which are the bits of seaweedy things in the middle of the mussel, not always there of course) salt and pepper. Bring to boil and the muscles open, then just a minute or two to cook and spoon them out with slotted spoon.

I like to thicken the stock with a bit of cornflower but not necessary. But for extra yummy dish stick in some creme fraiche,  stir, add a big blog of creme fraiche, stir again, pour over muscles. Voila!   Eat with French bread!  Imagine you are on holiday in the middle of a windy autumn, bleak winter.1-DSCF1148

Now for the dead lazy cook’s cod.  I just throw the cod into the frying pan with a bit of butter and oil, sprinkle with whichever  I have to hand (garlic and something from M and S has been a favourite for ages) simmer in a little stock, slosh in a bit of wine and make sure the fish is cooked in the centre.

I am getting really ambitious and bought a big cod’s head to make stock. Had great problems avoiding it’s reproachful eyes.I shall freeze some of the stock.

I asked the fishmonger about fish soup and he got his old recipe book out. it had lost it’s cover but we found a good index

Ummm now that soup looked wonderful, determined to have a go so bought a bit of fish and a cuttle fish to freeze, will try this at a later date. (page and book link at end of post)

What am I doing blogging recipes, me a cooking hater!!! But with fish this good whether you are a modest cook or a gourmet, I urge you to get along and support this brilliant local business!

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The recipe was taken from Ada Bond’s: Italian Regional Cooking (Nelson)


The book is still available from Amazon, just ordered a second hand one for less than a fiver. (Whoops it  wasn’t the paperback but the author’s food from Italy lovely but will have to have another look at the paperback)

Meanwhile have added my how to cheat fish recipe posts. Bon appetite!


or alternatively pop along to the Regency –


Fish slab at Bickerstaff

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6 Responses to Bickerstaff Fisheries Newhaven as good if not better than France

  1. Inspirational! And made me remember the oysters we shared in the summer…

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  3. vicki says:

    Lovely shop with lovely people! Also if you fancy a walk along the harbour you have their original shop run by kerry! Well worth a visit! Sit along the harbour and enjoy some fresh fish 🙂 xxx

  4. They are very good and consistently so

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