Rottingdean – dramatic fire in Cranleigh Avenue

1-DSCF1220We were driving home from a quick visit to our allotment when we passed a house fire on the corner of Cranleigh Avenue. Immediately stopped and rang the emergency services, but they were on their way.  Apparently known as a house where squatters squat and currently abandoned, so there appeared to be no risk to life and limb, except I guess for the brave fireman who arrived in minutes! 1-DSCF1257

All buses disrupted right back to Hove, over an hour later when we had arrived home.

Was really surprised that some people stayed quite near the scene, despite the possible risk of explosions and the roof falling on them! Such is life I guess!

1-DSCF1219 1-DSCF1221 1-DSCF1223 1-DSCF1224-001 1-DSCF1224 1-DSCF1225 1-DSCF1226 1-DSCF1227 1-DSCF1228 1-DSCF1229 1-DSCF1230 1-DSCF1231 1-DSCF1232 1-DSCF1233 1-DSCF1234 1-DSCF1235 1-DSCF1242 1-DSCF1244 1-DSCF1245 1-DSCF1246 1-DSCF1249 1-DSCF1250 1-DSCF1251 1-DSCF1252 1-DSCF1253 1-DSCF1254-001 1-DSCF1257 1-DSCF1259Wonderful work by Sussex Fire and Rescue Services


Post Script -That was 2013 this is the house in 2017 P1090671

Last year there were two magical houses like this  P1090676 in Cranleigh Avenue

Now one has been replaced by this.  P1090677 All bright and light but so much of the older architecture is gradually disappearing both in Rottingdean and Saltdean! Not sure anyone really cares?


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