Hastings Herring Fair – 9th and 10th November

1-DSCF1284-001We went along today in torrential rain, most of the time, but still stalls to 1-DSCF1283delight, folk singers to listen and yummy cooked herrings to eat. One stall offering 2 with bread for £1.50

Mike Rat co-ordinates the singing groups and these were performing on stage for most of the time we were there.


There were fast moving sea shanties together with some background tales of how some of the songs had come about from Tom (left). ‘Blow the man down’ ‘Bottle O’ Bonnie Ship Diamond’ and many more.1-DSCF1310

Tom told us he was showing some rigging skills and teaching shanties on a training ship recently. ‘Heave away’,  a rope pulling song, he later found some of the guys singing it whilst peeling a huge batch of potatoes. Peel away presumably.

1-DSCF1312 1-DSCF1314 1-DSCF1318  1-DSCF1308 1-DSCF1296

1-DSCF1337-001Other singers/musicians doing their stuff.1-DSCF1425

Stalls with plenty of delights and at modest prices.

1-DSCF1292 1-DSCF13471-DSCF1351 1-DSCF1350 1-DSCF1287 1-DSCF12761-DSCF1281 1-DSCF1280 1-DSCF1349 Copy of 1-DSCF1353-001

1-DSCF1285 1-DSCF1290 1-DSCF1277 1-DSCF1279

Hastings has many other highlights including the Fishermen’s Museum. (entrance free)

03-DSCF1368 02-DSCF1366 01-DSCF1365

Exhibits relating to its history at every turn. An old rope shop (below).

1-DSCF1361 1-DSCF1362 1-DSCF1363

Well stocked local fish shops, friendly cafes and parking on the front at modest cost and so much cheaper than Brighton. 1-DSCF1302Hastings is well worth a day out any time, and the Herring Fair is still on tomorrow, Sunday. Apparently they also have a wonderful food fair in September, so have already made a note of that on next year’s calender.

1-DSCF1355-001Last but by no means least, probably one the last rope menders giving a demo at the Herring Fair and a fantastic exhibition of photos of local fisherman over ten years, by John Cole at the Stade Hall 1-DSCF1336and what about this, a brilliant ceramic of a beach tractor. I used to teach ceramics at Lanfranc High School in Mitcham, and know just how much skill and tender loving care must have gone into this model.

1-DSCF1332 1-DSCF1334 1-DSCF1335

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