Learning techniques used by the Masters.

DSCF1449 - CopyAnother great class at Evolution with Clare Harrison.DSCF1449-001 This time she is teaching us to  paint like the Masters.  Each week there is a different technique favoured by one of them.  These will include colour, composition, texture etc. We all get a chance to choose which painter, so far we have chosen five including Dali and Van Gogh.

But the best part as far as I’m concerned is that we can choose our own medium, acrylic, pastels This is mine from a photo of a Fortnum’s window.


work in progress …

Some students are complete beginners while others have some experience, but there is  a demo, handouts and individual attention.  I have been painting for some time now,  but find there is always something new to learn.

Claire Harrison is a talented artist as well as a  brilliant tutor


Evolution is in the center of  Brighton


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