One more Pigbaby to go – Saturday.

I wasn’t going to  blog them all, but as I have been on the door this week in return for free entry and a glass of wine – it seemed churlish not to cover the whole week. However last night it was a ‘Pighog plus’  a regular monthly event


Here is Michaela doing her stuff as compere, with her usual low key humour and warm hearted style.

Alan Hay local poet known to ‘Hammer and Tongue’ audiences 1-DSC03256for his fast moving performance style poetry that whizzes through his pre-occupations at a rate of knots.

1-DSC03261This was followed by a special appearance from Jackie Wills reading from her new collection ‘Woman’s Head as Jug’ (published by Arc). A gem, with different sections, one with a poem about the air in Lewes with so many fine touches and local connections.  A poem on the ‘gyratory’ in Brighton, brilliant observation and wit.

Two however I particularly liked, one about a van coming for the contents of her neighbours’ house when they had passed on. It simply rings bells for those that never really know their neighbours socially, but see the progress of their lives and miss them dreadfully. The last poem in the book, a touching account of  the horses waiting outside the crematorium was dedicated to Barbara and her husband – the neighbours. I would recommend her book especially for people who have lived in Brighton.

The book launch – ‘The Old  Madness’.

The second half featured Kate White who had come down from London for the launch of her book ‘The Old Madness’, winner of the 2013 Poetry School/Pighog Poetry Pamphlet Competition.  I knew she had had a warm reception at a Troubadour Coffee House poetry event because I was there, but when I asked how it had all been going since winning I think I detected a wry smile before she said “Very busy, but also very enjoyable.”

1-DSC03263She tells the audience she didn’t start writing poetry until she was 40 and tonight had decided to read some poems in the book that sometimes she was less sure about.  That was so honest and also reassuring coming from someone who writes such good poetry and has been extensively published.   I loved her poem Schiele’s Sister so very dark and intriguing, artists models provide a rich seam.

She didn’t read her poem ‘ The Foundlings’  which I particularly like, or another poem from the book about  her birth mother ‘The Founder’s Arms’  deeply personal and memorable. Maybe she left them out because she had read them before at Pighog when the prize was announced. However she finished her set to be greeted with warm applause.

There have been raffle prizes all week, kindly donated by City Books and Michaela called on her past art teachers to draw the winners. There was a bit of doubt however when one of them thought she had meant ‘draw’ the raffle and had to be reassured she did not need  to get her pencils out! It made a good laugh to end the evening. 1-DSC032661-DSC03265

The event was packed out with some many poets in attendance including the lovely Brendan Cleary.

However, special to me, was another little chat with Kate before she caught her train when we discovered among other things, she had friends who lived near my childhood home. She also shared more of her journey into poetry, for which I thank her most sincerely.

Saturday – Last poetry event from Pighog till February, with open mic and free beer for the first 20 people through the door. Raffle prizes include book tokens from City books and Langham Brewery have produced a with a new special brew called Hiphophog

Regrettably I am knackered, just too many things on the go, so may not be there or, if so, only briefly. Not only have I booked a workshop for Sunday in London, but the BBC Sussex TV have fixed a date for filming the conservation of our ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ marionettes.  All in all it seems best I pace myself!

So over and out Pigbaby.

An award winning blog     for ‘a blog that brightens our day’.

P.S. Pighog plus is stopping until Feb so you might need to keep a check on the website.

Doors 7.45 for 8pm for last of Pigbaby

Redroaster 1d St James’s St Brighton BN2 1RE
£5 (£3 concs)

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