Starlings, a sunset and Jazz at the Queen Vic

1-DSC03273Somehow hadn’t noticed Brunch and Jazz 1-DSC03278at the Queen Vic before.
We had only popped down to the butchers, but there it was, all warm and cosy, 1-DSC03272with newspapers and a new Brunch menu.

Admittedly the jazz band arrived a bit late,  but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was 1-DSC03273-001Imogen Ryall and her fellow musicians.  I don’t know why,  after all she lives in Rottingdean. I gather it was one of the band member’s birthday judging by the greetings from faithful followers. 1-DSC03271

They soon got stuck into the jazz including some of the lovely Ella Fitzgerald numbers. Revived memories of my Dad playing jazz and our many visits to Ronnie Scott’s.

1-DSC03276We drifted away at about 3.30 but this could become a regular date.

1-DSC03277 Noticed the starlings were spreading the news and there was a lovely sunset – great way to spend a dull Saturday afternoon.

1-DSC03280 1-DSC03285 1-DSC03281

ROTTINGDEAN’S JAZZ CLUB – THE QUEEN VICTORIA PUB, 56 High Street. Gary Kavanagh (Trumpet) Alison Neale (Sax) and Imogen Ryall (Vocal).

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