Never mind the Christmas shopping.

1-DSCF1467Goodness knows how many days it is to Christmas, numeracy was never my strong point. My eldest son Robin took me to Polhill Farm Shop in Sevenoaks not far from his cottage on Thursday and I bought enough food to withstand a siege. Later he drove me home so I could get on with my conservation.1-DSC03360


Our marionettes appeared in this film

But at least I have now conserved (we don’t call it renovated in the museum world) 14 tiny soldiers, sorted out a horse’s nose and investigated three different ways of mending and in some cases making armour.

My mother said it had taken her six months to make the tiny army in their authentic costumes. I think it has taken me two months to sort them out and re-string them, and even then it has been with some help from my youngest son Paul and my partner.   BBC Sussex may be filming some of the conservation next Friday so I also feel obliged to keep the workroom tidy.

1-DSC03358 1-DSC03355

Perhaps tomorrow I may still get round to putting a few decorations up.

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