Programme not to be missed – ‘Oh What a lovely War’ and Charles Chilton

Roy Hudd and Ann share reminiscences  A programme dedicated to Charles Chilton’s masterpiece  ‘The Long Long Trail’.  The research for this was done by Penny and Charles Chilton and led to some of the scenes and certainly the music used in the stage play and later the film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’.  As far as the programme  is concerned,   in my opinion about time too!  With dear old Roy Hudd on Radio 4 – Saturday 4th Jan at 8.02  – David Chilton is the sound archivist and members of his family are involved.

Charles Chilton and Roy Hudd were both brought up by  grandparents, they had this as well as professional projects in common.

(pic – Ann and Roy at Charles Chilton’s Memorial at the BBC earlier in the year) Link to post about this follows.

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