Mega cheating for Cocquille St Jacques

1-DSC03451The French like seafood on Christmas Eve. Here is my cheats Cocquille St Jacques, delicious any time.

Take one scallop shell for each person. (ask at fishmongers for these). Buy a bag of mussels in sauce that can be boiled in the bag in five minutes. Large  fresh or frozen scallops (one or two per person). They are wonderful from Bickerstaff  Fisheries in Newhaven.

One  small potato per person to mash. One prawn in shell per person for decoration. A few thin slices of parmesan cheese, a lemon and few pieces of parsley.1-DSC03448

Put potatoes on to boil. Put the boil in bag mussels in boiled water for five minutes. Check potatoes soft and mash. Lightly fry scallops in butter, (you can add a few pieces of streaky bacon if you like) for a few minutes, add a little white wine. The scallops are cooked when white all through, cut one to check if doubtful. Now add some of the liquid from the boil in the bag mussels, then simmer for two minutes. Check tastes just right, add more liquid if necessary. (Some boil in bag mussels are very garlicy, if necessary add a little water or some more wine to dilute)


Remove the mussels from  shells from the boil in the bag and add to scallops in pan. Simmer few seconds.  Now add half a teaspoon of cornflower mixed in water,  simmer slowly again until the sauce thickens.


Time to put the whole thing together. Put one or two cooked scallops, some mussels and some juice in each scallop shell, pipe some mash round the edges preferably with the right tool,  (can be done by putting mash in plastic bag and cutting small hole in one corner). Add a few pieces of grated parmesan on top

Put shells under the grill until the cheese melts. Add one  prawn for decoration,  grill whole shell for few seconds longer. Remove from grill and add sprig of parsley and serve.

A lemon wedge optional but decent french bread to mop up juices.

We’re greedy four of us had two each, who needs anything else after that?  Happy Days!

1-DSC03456No I am not usually a cookie person but here is a link to more about Bickerstaff and a brilliant fish stew recipe.

and another quicky recipe with mussels

or alternatively pop along to the Regency –


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