Cafe Poets busy writing in Rottingdean

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Pop in and write poetry is for aspiring and apprentice poets only, quite often people come along who have never written poetry before which is the idea behind it.

I run this on the first Wednesday of the month at the Open Art Cafe Nevill Road Rottingdean 10.30 to 12.30  Inspirations and ideas, based on  images, objects, memories etc. writing and sharing if you feel brave enough. Poetry displayed in ‘the smallest room in the house’! It has been running for three years now.

New Year’s Day 11.00 to 12.30 (extra session) and  8th January 10.30 to 12.30. After that the first Wednesday in Feb. The work shop is free but we support the Cafe by buying teas and coffee and even yummy cake!

My poetry book ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’  £5.00 available in the cafe.1-DSC08714-003 Some of my poems on the ‘New Poem’ page see header.

I was really excited that one of my poems  ‘Obsession’ was shortlisted in the Bridport poetry competition which was a bit of a breakthough. I didn’t find out until November when an old friend mentioned it. I think the email went into spam. I can’t put it on this blog because if I do it is considered publication and I would like to try it in another competition soon.

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