Panto time – Cinderella with a twist.


An early cinderella marionette re-dressed by Joan Field     Shameless repeat due to popular demand of course!  Yes it’s Cinders again, you just can’t keep a good story down, so if your prince failed to show up have a share of mine! (8 mins)

prince        Cinderella and Buttons       An early cinderella marionette re-dressed by Joan Field

Not that we ever did a panto quite like this one. Cinderella, the prince, buttons and the chancellor are really old marionettes made by my parents but as the ugly sisters were missing we made new ones.

The original version with much larger marionettes was performed at the Torch Theatre in London in early 50s, a second production performed at The Esplanade in Bognor Regis not sure when exactly.  Both productions would have had singing solos and more fantasy, but my late mother and I were happy with what we managed to achieve working in a tiny loft in London the 90s.

ugly  sisters-1

I wasn’t sure about a role for a frog, a confused prince or flirtatious fairy, but once we got started there was no stopping my mother!

Ron Field promoting Cinderella in Bognor 50's - copyright Ann Perrn 2000

Note – If you want to try puppets yourself the following is a link to making and performing Cinderella, with rod puppets. (a project with students with disabilities)


Or  try the Cinderella in five minutes script – for children, puppets or one person to perform.

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