Walking in the sunshine

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A lovely sunny day found us walking along the undercliff from Saltdean to Rottingdean.   Something for everyone, an vintage car parked in the car park, rock pools and seagulls.

This is the place where people meet and greet and end up with fish and chips from the Smuggler’s or at one of the many pubs in Rottingdean.  The Black Horse is one of the oldest.  Today the collectors shops were doing good business, but who needs anything else after Christmas? But I liked the log baskets, wish we had an open fire.

Discovered an ancient Wash House  behind Tesco’s, with an interesting history. Beyond Design Cafe gets my ‘gold star ‘ today, not only is it always a friendly place to go to, laid back and unhurried, but was open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day too.


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2 Responses to Walking in the sunshine

  1. Love your take on life – thank you for sharing this walk. I guess today (December 30) you’re safe inside. Only pleasure outside is jumping in muddy puddles if you are a well-wrapped up two year old!

    • ann perrin says:

      Absolutely, I’m supposed to be practising my harp. I’m up to Scarborough Fair with four fingers on both hands. It says ‘leisurely, with a lilt’ not jolty and unrecognizable!
      Luckily the teacher is away somewhere sunny for another week, so I’ll just check my emails. Wow one from you, thanks for that. x

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