Happy New year with 101 pics from last year’s blogs

Pighog poetry nights,  Tom McGuinness’s Art, Rottingdean’s wishing stone, Mark Doty at the Troubadour, fishing and sunsets. Paris, Paul’s Punch and Judy, Foxton Lock, my harp teacher Andrew Ballantyne, the lovely lady in the Olde Tea Shop in Rottingdean who told us a ghost story. The R.A, Bickerstaff Fisheries, our allotment, Ann Sansom and Anne-Marie Fyfe running their poetry workshops, miniature millinery, 101 pics from associated posts!

DSCF1456   1-DSC03498  1-DSC03409  1-DSC03285

1-DSC01119        1-DSCF0881    1-DSCF0637

  1-DSCF1067        1-DSCF0943        Joey and Mr Punch         1-DSCF0866

1-DSCF0985   1-DSCF0984     1-DSCF0982 

  1-DSC00761  1-DSC00864  DSC09771  1-DSC09415  toad beats a hasty retreat to a flowerpot  DSC08209

1-DSCF0659    1-DSCF0678   1-DSCF0704-001    1-DSCF0688

  1-DSC09996    1-DSC09108 DSC05110  Happy homes for seagulls

1-DSCF0371  1-DSCF0375  1-DSCF0366   1-DSCF0368

1-DSC09459    04-DSC09470    1-DSC09444    DSC08664 - Copy

01-DSC09474    blackbird    1-DSC08939-001      Very pretty narrow boat 

1-DSC00907   1-DSC00612   1-DSC00601    1-DSC00619

1-DSC08840   DSC08824   DSC08074    Sunset near the campsite

1-DSCF0225  1-DSC09401  DSC08254    DSC08189

DSC07883       1-DSC03387-001      DSC08025        Sand sculpture 1  pic Ann Perrin 2013

DSC07993   DSC07988    DSC07991   DSC07978

   1-DSC03253   1-DSC03263   1-DSC03238   1-DSC01032-001   1-DSC01024    1-DSC03266 3-DSC07020   farmers field 1   DSC08699   1-DSC00034-001

DSC04592   Lovely shade of sunny yellow copyright Ann Perrin 2012   Robin's red rose bought for mother's day, copyright Ann Perrin June 2012    DSC03702

1-DSC00985     DSC07524      04-DSCF0444     1-DSCF0445

A bold brassy celebration Sussex sky x    An uncertain unsettled Sussex sky   1-DSC03408   1-DSC03425

1-DSC00232    1-DSC01185     1-DSCF0858    1-DSC03315    One of my handsome sons I guess!   1-DSC00266

Chicken McNuggets will fill a gap   1-DSC09233   come on guys share and share alike   Head first

1-DSCF0363      1-DSCF0355      1-DSCF0351     1-DSC00088

The pale pink hat      Bright pink hat      The silver hat

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