Taking one day at a time!

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That’s what the birds do, thinking of following their example! There is something called Maslow’s hierarchy needs, with food and shelter at the top and that’s what birds seek and usually get.

For some of my acquaintances the aftermath of Christmas and all the ‘togetherness’ would appear to have been just too much!   Personally I tuned into as much as I knew I could cope with, which was in the end two family events and two short visits to friends all of which were lovely. After that my partner and I have gone for  walks when it has been sunny and got on with hobbies when not.

I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions as I always abandon them, but I did make a list of highlights or minor successes in 2013. They will get gold stars and I’ll put list up somewhere to spur me on in 2014.

If you are busy coping with winter blues, take one day at a time that’s my advice and if that’s not possible one hour at a time!   One only has to think of all those poor devils who got flooded. Surely that is enough to be grateful for whatever one has got, and to continue to count your blessings?


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