Wind and rain and our changes of mood

DSC03641   DSC03650   DSC03646   DSC03653

Oh the contrasts in the weather, how tiny we are in the face of nature!

I was a teacher for a few years  and we were always aware that a windy day might, if we were not careful, lead to unruly behaviour often from the least likely students. Well that was in Inner London, perhaps children in Sussex are forever well behaved?

Recently I was thinking how a sunny day can often make one leap out of bed full of optimism. I am retired, of course, so sorry to the people who are faced with travelling to jobs that they may not like in all weathers.

Poets will find wonderful metaphors in the drama of wind, rain and the sea. Not that I will have much time to try my hand at that today, the shed I use for painting has got damaged and paintings done over many years are damply clinging to each other. This afternoon some will have to be abandoned. But then that is nothing, others have lost everything and it serves as a reminder of how tiny in the face of nature.

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