What a great title for a poetry comp.

 ‘A waste of space!’ I can think of loads of things that are a waste of space.  Great too for getting yourself in the mood for throwing things out at the start of a  New Year.   I do believe that clearing the decks, be it excess stuff or clearing my mind of things that bug me, means there should space to embrace something new!

Admittedly the prize is not monetary and may not bring fame and fortune, but the competition is open to children too and Onca is a great organisation with a lovely little gallery just along from the Steine. Now how to begin?

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 13.54.23

I’m a poet not a story writer but  I run my poetry pop ins in Rottingdean from time to time. So if you want to have a go at a poem and are not sure how to begin, why not start by writing, in prose, what for you is ‘A waste of space’. You need to do this  for five minutes (time yourself) without further thought and not letting your pen move from the paper.

Then read it through and ring any neat phrases. Now copy them out, this could be your poem. Try taking out excess words such as and’s and the’s. How does it sound now?

Sleep on it,  you’ve still got time before the deadline.

In a day or two look at it again, does it ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ the reader what you really feel is ‘A waste of space’? Good, send it in now!

Now to have a go myself…ummm…  A waste of space…..

Oh and good luck to story writers too!

1-DSC09950    How can one person have so much junk?

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