Digit with Joe Talbot – perfect for Sunday mornings.

DSC03676It has become a bit of a Sunday ritual, listening to Joe and often Jean Griffin on BBC Sussex and Surrey with breakfast in bed. Maybe sorting some papers out, checking emails but later letting the joys of gardening creep down the stairs to the bathroom, ending up with cups of coffee in the kitchen  before the programme ends at midday

Last week I decided some of my orchids were looking a bit strange. The roots seemed to have pushed the body of the plants well out of their pots, so with a quick email to Joe (Jean was elsewhere)  another lovely  gardening expert came up with the solution.

This involved taking them all out on a sunny day (two days later) and shaking them out of their pots and  complacency. Next, watering, a chopping back of any old roots, some new orchid compost and a chance to set them lower down in their pots. Hey presto – perfect!

DSC03772 DSC03773 - Copy DSC03769 - Copy DSC03776 - Copy DSC03774 - Copy

Extra tips included leaving them in the kind of pot they came in and it’s not necessary to transfer them into a clear pot if they had not been bought in one.

I’ve had all had mine for ages, often bought in garden centre sales so I  knew about letting excess water drain through, using rain water if possible, feeding them with orchid food from time to time and not chopping them right down to nothing when they have flowered.

Several times last year I was asking questions about our allotment, getting advice and listening to the queries of others.

1-DSCF1211   1-DSCF1204   01-DSCF1190-001   1-DSCF1199

Digit is presented in such a gentle way that we all feel part of everyone else’s garden. Add in Joe’s wry humour and the programme develops into a gentle comedy duo with whoever is with him!

Digit includes bird and fruit experts and details of local gardening events. The programme is really for  the callers – the voices of real people. No question is too small including those about a half dead house plant! But if you email and miss your question Joe will email you a reply.

Some of Joe’s comments are directed to his producer ‘her behind the glass’, what a wonderful woman she must be, to put up with the banter, sort out the calls, the emails and to keep the show on the road. Her partner also makes them country slices!

DSC03777-001 - CopyMy blog about our adventures with our starter  plot allotment http://forloveofmyallotment.wordpress.com/

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