Living for the day

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I’ve lived in London for most of my life, but  I sometimes came down to Brighton for the day, just to look out at the sea and remind myself how tiny my worries and concerns were in the face of the natural world.

My partner once had a flat down here  and we acquired a beach hut. It was at the time when they were used for dusty old deckchairs, a bucket, a net, the odd fishing rod and Thermos of tea. But  this meant I could spend even longer in the realisation that our part in the scheme of things is infinitesimal.

The beach hut mural

Now that I have lived here for six years, I still miss London at times, but then when I look out at the sea, the garden, or our tiny allotment  I am reminded of why I used to come down here in the first place.   I endeavour to step back a bit and live for the day with moderate success.


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  1. Love the photographs. It was only when I came to live in Brighton – 10 years ago now – that I fully realised that one of the things cities do is steal the sky…

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