Year of the horse came a bit too early

DSC03833         DSC03834        DSC03830

I thought Chinese New Year was on the 24th  Jan. Whoops ‘more haste less speed’.  I was a bit premature, it starts tomorrow and is the year of the horse. It actually means a wooden horse but we don’t have any, however china horses also have a role in Chinese astrology.

I have looked into astrology from time to time and once had some sort of analysis done. I thing sometimes such things are just a way to reflect on who we are or what we might be capable of. Good for a dull wet February. I don’t really follow my stars except for fun and last week someone read them out in the gym. It was my week to reflect on the fact that while ‘2 and 2 might make 4’ to me, it could make five to others apparently. Not sure if that really helped the week along, but it sort of compensated for a situation that had left me feeling somewhat exasperated. At such times best to take a deep breath and move on, said she in philosophical mood.

Found this charming website with interesting forecasts and information about the year of the horse etc.   Take astrology with a pinch of salt if you like, but sometimes anything that makes one think differently can be a source of interest and renewed creativity.

DSC03818       DSC03817-002       DSC03819

I was born in the year of the Dragon and can usually be relied upon, but must have been sleeping when I got the dates all wrong.  Oh and this one was made by my mother in the 80’s and is one of my favourite things.

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