Taking your life in your own hands

 DSC03938-003 DSC03646    Well it’s February and wet, so anything that might help anyone get through this really depressing month is worth a go.

This is was my favourite method of moving my clients on when I was a counsellor/therapist.

Get comfortable, be warm, have some music in the background. Find a piece of plain paper, or use the back of a cereal box, anything!

1. Draw round your own hand.

2.Put five headings, one for each finger and your thumb. Health, Wealth, Social, Spiritual and Environment.

3. Under each item think of something quite small that you are prepared to do this week. The things must be really manageable and will depend on your life style and over all priorities.

Health. Not, I will eat more healthily, but I will eat an apple a day. Not I will do more exercise, but I will walk to the nearest shop instead of taking the car.

I decided to eat more fruit, so for week one, I added some bananas to my shopping list. In week two I was intent on getting to my aqua class again.

Wealth. Don’t write  I will save money and/or I hope to win the lottery.  But something manageable like checking all your standing orders and direct debits. Having committed to doing this, I found three to cancel including a magazine subscription.

I have always had more than one job at a time. When I gave up teaching and before I retrained as a therapist, I did car boot sales every Saturday for over six months.

Currently  I tend to take clothes to the charity shop and buy clothes from them. I  sometimes sell things on ebay which is a useful form of income.  I know someone who buys books from charity shops and re-sells them on ebay.

I guess  that some veg. could be in short supply what with all the rain, so I sorted out all my packets of seeds and will be planting far more veg in my garden in between the flowers. I am lucky and have a small allotment so on my chart will be planting broad beans next week. Definitely going to try some early potatoes too.1-DSCF1196

Social – this can be family and friends or new ideas.

It is pointless to say I will make lots more friends this year, it is important to be specific. So write on your hand diagram – I will ring a friend I have neglected, check on a neighbour who gets lonely, join the local art group, look into ‘meet up’ groups if you live in Brighton.

My commitment  was to invite my friend Penny to lunch, we got preoccupied last month and didn’t meet up.  This week too I will send some chocs to two of my grandsons at uni.

Spiritual. This one is quite personal, it can be meditation, prayer but for me it is more likely I will tend my indoor plants, DSC03200write poetry or  paint,   Anything that will feed my spirit.


Environment.  This can include hobbies  or just use the heading hobbies if this suits you better.

Don’t write – I will completely re-decorate but I’ll decide on a new colour for one of my room, buy the paint.

Last week I wrote on my diagram  – Black bag some of my writing that really is redundant. I did three files last week. This week I will take one of my white rugs to the launderette. I love my rugs but they are depressing when they get a bit grubby.  I will also practice  my harp. (I started 14 months ago and I couldn’t even read music) But trying something new led me to a harp concert where I met this wonderful harpist/teacher!)

1-DSC00245The hand idea is great for changing one’s attitude to life and getting through the worst months of the year.


Oh but  it’s Valentines Day so have a happy time with or without a special loved one.   Why not buy yourself a bunch of flowers?



If you’re really low there are tips to deal with seasonal depression on my Seasonal Affective Disorder page (see header) that might help and a blog the subject.


Self help on youtube – this is a programme I made years ago  ‘Relaxation and Self-hypnosis for positive health’.  More recently I added some pictures.

There are two options – you can close your eyes and just listen, or watch the images – selected at random. Taking your own life in your hands’ and self help can be very useful, but if you are seriously depressed it is important to seek medical advice before you try any of my suggestions. Good Luck

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2 Responses to Taking your life in your own hands

  1. jaynestanton says:

    Small steps – what a wonderful idea, Ann!
    Being largely confined to the house, following my hip replacement in January, I invited friends and family to come and visit me. It’s been wonderful catching up with everyone over a cuppa, the house is full of spring in the form of cut flowers and plants and I haven’t missed coffee shops, driving or my hectic social life half as much as I thought I would.

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