Orchids are very special

DSC04110 DSC04098 DSC04100 DSC04102 DSC04105 DSC04106-001 DSC04107 DSC04109 

I’ve collected mine over the last five years and they are a lot easier to maintain than you might think. I tend to buy them when they are reduced in price and always go for a double stem for a greater chance of a longer flowering season.

Mine are in a sunny window and are watered once fortnight where they are. I used to carry them into the kitchen and soak them in the sink (as some people advise) but it was a real hassle. Also, I don’t cut them right down when they have flowered unless a bit too leggy, because they flower again on the same stem.  I use orchid food sparingly, not those individual droppers which would work out very expensive.  I move the dormant ones to the back and have the best ones at the front, today there are several in bloom.

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