Turner and other delights at Greenwich


So much to do and see on this OAC trip to Greenwich that we are spoilt for choice. Turner and the Sea, the National Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark are all included.DSCF1628-001

We head for Turner  to see his dramatic depiction of ‘The Battle of Trafalgar’. Watercolours too,  including  ‘The Mouth of the Humber’ capturing the drama of the sea and  moody sky. This exhibition gives  a delightful overview of Turner, which includes artists who had influenced him. His last painting ‘The Wreck Buoy’ was included. Turner reworked it many years later and added a double rainbow. Special, too, his tiny sketchbooks, full of close observation and colour.

At the National Maritime Museum we are just in time to catch a free talk about the East India Company charting it’s wealth from trade in the East including spice, cotton, silk, tea and finally opium leading to the Opium Wars with China.

DSCF1577    DSCF1576   DSCF1572 - Copy   DSCF1566 - Copy

DSCF1559 - Copy - Copy - Copy

DSCF1597-001 Nelson, Navy and Nation are all here as is his uniform and all manner of strange memorabilia.

I loved Prince Frederick’s golden barge, the display of figureheads and the many navigational instruments.

DSC04175    DSCF1622       DSCF1624 - Copy (2) - Copy        DSCF1691

 DSCF1613 - Copy            DSCF1612 - Copy          DSCF1611 - Copy       DSCF1608

 We examine a gallery of model ships, investigate the Arctic Convoys, but decide the Explorers gallery and the many other delight  s will have to wait for another day.

.DSCF1586 - Copy     DSCF1595   DSCF1598   DSCF1592 

                DSCF1590    DSCF1591   DSCF1585

We have purchased the  Big Ticket which includes all the exhibitions, but you do need to have full day to get the most out of it all.  

Time now for  us to visit the Cutty Sark, rescued for posterity in the 50s. It’s history as the last surviving tea clipper is beautifully illustrated by fake tea chests and interactive screens.   Where the journeys and the crew’s life are on display.

DSCF1670        DSCF1669 DSCF1674 - Copy       DSCF1637

DSCF1660               DSCF1653         DSCF1691

Can we possibly include  the Queen’s Gallery? We decide to try, but only a small section is open. However many interesting paintings are on display reached by an impressive spiral staircase and this Gallery is free to view! DSCF1718

Again the Royal Observatory looks inviting but just one thing too many today.

We did find time, however, for traditional pie and mash in one of the few places that still serve it in London.

DSCF1696 DSCF1698 - CopyGreat weather, good company and a day to banish winter blues. Thank you to Ewart and Diana for organising it all.

To those who are not so lucky as to get a coach trip with an Arts Club you can get there from Brighton to Waterloo (change at  London Bridge)  then a bus to Greenwich (about half an hour).

DSCF1646 - Copy

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