Unruly hedge – get it chopped by someone else!


Adam at work

There comes a time when doing everything yourself DSCF1903becomes impossible or at very least an uphill battle, I’d like to include mopping the kitchen floor and polishing the parquet floor in the hall in the list! But no, we’re not made of money, so coping with housework will have to stay  a joint hit or miss arrangement.

DSCF1907But when it came to the hedge something had to be done! We like DSCF1904our hedge, the birds that nest in it, it’s bright green foliage and the privacy it affords.  But it has become just one thing to many to cut it ourselves. Of course my partner doesn’t agree, why is it that a guy will never admit that balancing on a ladder with a hedge trimmer at a dangerous angle is not such a good idea?

DSC04465 DSC04474

So, having Googled all kinds of gardening firms in and around Brighton, who seldom answer emails despite insisting they give  free quotations, I am lucky to have discovered Adam.   He is from Peacehaven with his ‘Tidy Garden Services’ and does hedges, grass, tidying up and things. Next day he arrives to give an estimate.

Three days later here he is, balancing  on a ladder with his eye shields and ear protectors on  and one of those petrol driven cutters, tackling a very overgrown and unruly hedge.   A few hours later and the hedge is trimmed to a more sensible length, birds are still happy, some bright green foliage remains and our privacy is still in tact.

Well done Adam!

DSCF1900          DSCF1899             DSCF1901

He’ll come again for some extra trims later in the year but now all is right with the world!

Adam Ruffells. TidyGardenServices@mail.com. 07826525732

DSCF1890    Before and afterwards     DSCF1902   


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2 Responses to Unruly hedge – get it chopped by someone else!

  1. TheBigForest says:

    You so right about gardeners saying they will give you a quote and then not replying. We had one guy who strung us along for a month before he said ‘to be honest I don’t really want the work’. Grrr. We have taken a note of Adams contract details!
    Always a tough call to know when to ‘do it yourself’ and when spending money getting someone else to do it is actually a cheaper, less stressful option.

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