Our allotment starts it’s new season

DSCF1912Bit touch and go, was beginning to wonder if I would manage another season on the allotment. May not have mentioned I have three discs missing in my back, can mean  real pain.  1-IMG_7780Puppeteers (was one for many years) tend to wear themselves out performing with heavy weights on strings at arms length.

DSCF1909  Never mind, have lasted this long and Alan  has put in raised beds so all is much easier.  The broad beans are getting, well, broader I guess, the garlic is showing signs of life even is a fox seems to have dug up most of the potatoes.

DSCF1913 No time to worry about it all, topped up the beds with some new compost and top soil mixed. Spent £14 on powder that turns into some sort of water retention gunge to save on water.

DSCF1910 DSCF1914

Just love it over there. Planted a few things, started to clear out the pond a bit and sat and ate a Danish pastry on a stool, feeling the breeze on my face.




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