Growing things puts a different perspective on life!

DSC02798We created this garden six years ago, with many of the plants brought in pots from London. Oh dear those wicked salt sea winds.

Luckily it is south facing and sheltered by tall hedges, with frost covers for the camelias, the greenhouse to winter oleanders. Naturally we added a  pond for the newts and wild life, so far so good!

DSCF1996-001 DSCF1997 DSCF1999-001

The grandchildren turned up last week to give a hand which was very welcome!

DSCF1912 DSCF1911 DSCF1909 

Finally we even made our allotment starter plot a bit more manageable.

So if you can’t find me you’ll know where I am!


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3 Responses to Growing things puts a different perspective on life!

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Impressed by the raised beds! We have just heard about the new nursery at Emmaus, the homeless charity in Portslade selling plants and gardening things at reasonable prices – must go and explore and then report back! Task for tomorrow is cutting down some aeonium schwarzkopf to make them branch out. Scary stuff..


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