Pighog poetry full of surprises

DSC04601Tonight we had a great set by by Neil Palmer, rock musician, songwriter, storyteller, poet.  We were treated to  his  ‘beautifully impenetrable’  stories, remarkable poetry and amazing doggerel (his word).   A real delight.


DSC04605He was followed by Michaela Ridgway who, instead of hosting the event as usual, strutted her own stuff but in her usual modest and lighthearted manner.  Her poetry been published in Magma, Orbis, Other Poetry, The Frogmore Papers, Tears in the Fence, Anthipon and The Interpreter’s House.

Michaela told us she had included poems of various forms including a villanelle, sestina and ghazal; but what ever the technical expertise required her poetry was absorbing and memorable, a wonderful collection.  She has a stillness in presentation and draws the listener into an often tenderly observed world.   Among others, her poem celebrating her sister’s new baby was a joy. The poetry world says it is high time she had a collection published so we all can fully enjoy her wonderful work.

The absence of one poet publicised for reasons beyond Pighog’s control, lead to a longer session for the open mic part of the evening which tonight included some new and more established poets.



Paul who had stepped into Michaela’s role of hosting did a grand job, including  reading one of his own poems to set the ball rolling. There were a number of  intriguing poems from rants to free verse, to love and walks in the natural world.

DSC04610 DSC04621 DSC04620 DSC04618 DSC04617 DSC04615 DSC04614 DSC04613 DSC04609 DSC04622 DSC04623

No open mic next time but four exceptional poets will take the floor – Janet Sutherland, Sonya Smith, Rachel Rooney and Jackie Wills. Worth ensuring you get your ticket by booking on line.   Pighog Plus has been known to be so popular as to have standing room only.

The second edition of Brendan Cleary’s Echo Room magazine was also on the Pighog bookstall, not had time to read it yet but it looks promising!

Pighog Plus is a regular feature at Red Roaster Coffee House with their usual ability to create a great atmosphere for all things poetical, coffee cakes, wine and beer and cheerful staff.



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  1. Michaela Ridgway says:

    Thank you for saying those nice things Ann! x

    Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 14:40:11 +0000 To: michaela_ridgway@hotmail.com

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