A lovely book and personal achievement for Penny Barham


The Gifts of Parting

A celebration really, even if the subject might appear sombre, for Penny has collected poems, stories and accounts of friends who are willing to share their innermost thoughts on their personal experiences of death and dying in relation to people in their lives.   It is a subject that is often swept under the carpet and yet how many of us have our lives seriously disrupted, grief often continuing for months and even years.

The book is described on Lulu as ‘a compilation of prose and poetry on the seam of Death and Dying – personal experiences and reflections, compiled by Penny Barham, which gives a touching and sensitive account of how those we love bequeath us the most precious gifts, or indeed the legacy we see for ourselves when faced with our own mortality’.

Penny is kindly and unassuming and I am so pleased she has been able to complete this project. I know that she will not mind me mentioning that the  ‘Gift of Parting’ is beautifully produced, the cover by a friend and artist and with the help of  Kiersty Boon who is brilliant at helping people download their books.


Kiesty’s contact http:\\www.boonwriter.co.uk 


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